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Elegant Cedar Wood (Black) Leather Travel Case

Designed to impress both the aesthetic and tactile senses. It is more than an accessory; it’s a companion. High quality leather, with a rugged-yet-elegant feel. 

The cigar rack within the travel case is hand-crafted using premium cedar wood. It prevents the build-up of moisture by naturally absorbing and releasing humidity as needed, thereby ensuring your cigars remain fresh and flavourful. 

The zipper fastening mechanism is carefully constructed to open smoothly, yet withstand the inevitable rigours of the traveling lifestyle.

It can hold four cigars up to ring gauge 60 and up to six and a half inches in length, or 4 Siglo VI size tubes.

Included with the case you will find a humidification device and elegantly desigend pockets for your cigar cutter and lighter.

A cigar cutter and a lighter are included in the case.

Dimenstions: 20.5cm x 13.5cm x 7.5cm


€90.00 Regular Price
€72.00Sale Price
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