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The JS-100 is an lightweight and rugged ultra-slim dual purpose windproof lighter. Effortlessly light both cigars and cigarettes in any environment with the JS-100’s windproof flame. It features an all metal body with two side push ignition paddles. Squeeze both ignition paddles together to produce a truly windproof flame. The JS-100’s lightweight and slim profile make it the ultimate pocket lighter in terms of size and power. It features an adjustable flame height and refillable butane tank.

Available in five attractive colors: Rubberized Black, Red, Lime Punch Green, Orange Peel, Goji Berry Red, and Strawberry Pink. 


  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design
  • Easy and comfortable to use dual side paddle ignition
  • Rugged and durable all metal body
  • True windproof flame
  • Adjustable flame height toggle
  • Refillable butane tank
  • Dual purpose cigar and cigarette lighter

JetLine single torch JS-100

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