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Size: Churchill 5 3/4 x 52


The Meerapfel Cigar Richard Double Robusto are 10 little gems, arranged in what the brand describes as a chest.
As for the blend, we only know that the double robusto are composed of a vintage Cameroonian cloak, keeping all the mystery and secrecy about its composition.

The double-robusto of this Richard line fits the "ultra-premium luxury" standings that Meerapfel aims for and describes under the term "UberLuxury". It is an expression of tradition, values and respect. Meerapfel's mission is to preserve and perpetuate these values.

The Meerapfel Cigar Richard Double Robusto are presented in a box of 10 units.

The packaging is unique and beautiful: the 10 vitolas are presented in a red and gold tray that can be used later as an ashtray.


We are talking about an exceptional product: Only 613 boxes exist!

Meerapfel MEIR Ashtray Richard with 10 Double Robusto 2022

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