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An ashtray for REAL cigar smokers!


Deep bowl design windproof

SIZE: 21 cm D X10 cm H


**Quality Material Stainless Steel

What’s wrong with most cigar ashtrays?

Ask Stinky and he’ll tell you they don’t work very well. Real cigar smokers agree the bowls on most traditional ashtray designs are too small and/or too shallow.The enjoyment of fine cigars is often done in the company of others. Like many cigar enthusiasts around the world, Stinky meets with other cigar enthusiasts every week and finds that cigar smoking creates a substantial amount of debris, a mountain of ash, cigar butts, matches, even an occasional cigar band. Most people don’t want to litter the table, so often times, they toss the cigar cellophane and cedar packaging sleeves into the ashtray. With Stinky’s big bowl design you can smoke all evening without stopping to go empty the ashtray.** Windproof up to 30 MPH.

Original Stinky Stainless Steel

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