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SIZE: 4 7/8 X 50


Esteli is home to the majority of Nicaraguan cigar production and the lands around Esteli is perfect for growing tobacco for use in cigars.

The Esteli region has black and fertile soil and produces a heavy, full-flavored tobacco leaf. It is characteristically dark, and rich with full aromas, body, and flavour. Esteli is known for producing the most powerful of all Nicaraguan tobacco.Packed in low-priced bundles of 25, the Oro de Esteli cigars will delight your taste buds with mild-to-medium-bodied, creamy, and smooth flavors and notes of cedar and nuts. You'll get a whole lot of great smoking for a little bit of money.


Wrapper: From Ecuador (Connecticut seed)

Binder: Esteli Valley, Nicaragua

Filler: From Condega Valley (Viso & Seco) and Panamá (Viso)


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