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Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Cameroon

Wrapper: U.S.A./Conn. Broadleaf

Dimensions: 5 3/4" by 46


RoMa Craft Cromagnon was the first cigar produced by Mike Rosales and Skip Martin at their new factory in Esteli, Nicaragua: the (now) famed Nica Sueno.

CroMagnon contains a long-filler, full-bodied blend of some of the world’s most sought after tobaccos. It features a beautiful US Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, a unique Cameroon binder and an amazing marriage of three Nicaraguan varietals in the filler.

The filler leaf for this blend was acquired from three separate growing regions in Nicaragua: Esteli, Condega and a small farm north of Esteli on the Honduran border. This third leaf, a ligero, brings a strong, smoky, savory flavor to the blend. When combined with the mildly-sweet characteristics of the broadleaf maduro wrapper, the exotic bite of the Cameroon binder and the clean finish of its viso and seco companions, the blend delivers the precise deep rich tobacco flavor we wanted to present in the CroMagnon.


RoMa Craft Cromagnon Anthropology

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