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A sleek and stylish accessory set.

Looking like it would be at home in a Formula One garage, the Xikar High Performance Gift Set features stylish and racing inspired accessories. Decked out in white with red racing stripes, this set includes a Xikar cigar punch cutter that looks like a spark plug, and a Xikar Full Throttle Turrim lighter. The Xikar Full Throttle Turrim lighter is cylindrical, making it easy to store in a cigar case with wind resistant dual torch flames, a one touch ignition, an oversized fuel reservoir, and a large ratcheting flame adjustment wheel. Contained in a sleek gift box, the Xikar High Performance Gift Set is perfect for any cigar enjoying motor head.

Xikar High Performance Gift Set contains:
1 x Xikar Full Throttle Turrim Lighter
1 x Xikar Spark Plug Punch Cutter

XIKAR High Performance Collection

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